Silc Transparent | Darwaysh


  • Transparent Face cover
  • Everyone can still see your smile.
  • Comfortable style. Easy to use.
  • Protect yourself / Protect others
Silc Transparent | Darwaysh



  • Transparent Face Mask
  • This mask has 99% standard air filtering
  •  its transparent nature—everyone can still see your smile.
  • Comfortable style. Easy to use, like glasses
  • PROTECTION- Protect yourself / Protect others!
  • CRYSTAL CLARITY- See others, let others see your smile!!

Product description:

  • That will accompany you when you need it, an accessory that will be part of your fashion accessories.
  • MASKGLASSES, they are light and very comfortable, you can wear them anywhere.
  • The ergonomic design and its elegant aesthetics make an accessory for daily use for any occasion and time of year.
  • Is completely compatible with your glasses and your sunglasses.
  • You can use it in any means of transport: Bus, Taxi, Bicycle, Scooter,
  • Excutive, elegant, casual, modern… In your business, meetings, work, with friends, without limits …
  • Designed to carry out any sporting activity outdoors or indoors: Cycling, jogging, gym
  • You can wear makeup, it allows you to show your emotions, feel free and socialize without limits.


  • Material: PC

  • Color: transparent


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